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    Clinical Social Worker, mediator and experienced on-line therapist, Hebrew<>English translations

  I am not big on words - I am almost all action.

Basically I am father of 5 (three of them married), and grandfather of 5.

I live happily in a small town in Israel, and spend my professional life as the Clinical Social Worker in a geriatric hospital and in a privater practice.
My pride and joy was, is and always will be, my family, my 6000 year old-new culture and my country - in that order.

I presented several professional papers, notably my presentation at the 5th international convention on drug abuse that took place in Jerusalem, on a family based, very successful therapy model of which I was co-developer for rehabilitation of the victims of substance abuse.

I also have an Internet counseling channel, small time, simply because it is a mitzvah to help people that are mourning the loss of a loved one where everything that I do is in accordance with Jewish law and traditions. (A free service based on the site )

Languages: English, Hebrew

Hebrew university of Jerusalem:

Licensed (State of Israel) social worker. (Reg. # 6493)

Additional University degree in Social sciences from Open U, Tel-Aviv.

Post graduate studies: State of Israel Ministry of social welfare study center for professionals in Substance abuse and Geriatrics.

Private course in Legal mediation, Including licensing (Reg. #1954) By the judiciary that allows me to receive referrals from family(=divorce) court and small claims court in solving disputes.


Main Areas: Dementia, substance abuse (detox and rehabilitation), work with people that have special needs, dealing with grief and loss, Mediation-Special emphasis on mediation for couples in divorce proceedings in order to enable them to divorce with a hand-shake instead of a court battle that only makes lawyers richer.
Best Sellers: I am not doing this for business - but for satisfaction and pleasure!
Career Focus: "The real tragedy in life is not death - it is to allow things in you to die - while you live"
Affiliation: Israel association of social workers, LivePerson, Bizreef, PPH, Odesk etc.


Experience and qualifications :
My over 30 years of professional experience are as follows:

1975-1978: Education officer and social worker in the prisons service.

1982-1988: Juvenile investigator in the police.

1989-1991: Social worker in charge of rehabilitation of the blind in the welfare department of the city of Ashdod, Israel.

1992-1996: City of Ashkelon, Israel municipal welfare department: Social worker and case manager in a detox/rehab center for drug addicts and their families.

1996-1999:Social worker in a boarding school with problem children.

1999-2002:Social worker in various geriatric-work positions.

2002- Today: (1)freelancer doing, organizing and working with groups, individual and family oriented substance-abuse, detox and rehab, couples counseling, mediation in divorce and small claims cases.

(2) On Line therapy.

(3) Social Worker in charge of a hostel for mentally challenged people and a geriatric ward.

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